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WOW Recipe: Paleo Caesar Dressing

Ingredients: ⁣

1/3 Cup - Fresh lemon juice (about 3-4 lemons) 

1/3 Cup - Seasoned Rice Wine Vinegar

¼ Cup - Extra virgin olive oil 

1-2 Tablespoons - Water 

1 Tablespoon - Miso

1 ½ Tablespoons - Dijon 

½  Cup - Raw cashews, soaked in water for 10 minutes, then drained 

1-2 - Cloves Garlic (roughly 2-3 large cloves) 


Soak cashews in water.

Place lemon juice, vinegar, oil, water, miso, Dijon cashews and garlic in the Vitamix and blend until smooth. Add water if needed to thin. 

Download the recipe PDF here.


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