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My Philosphy

The WOW Method stems from the idea that your body houses your soul. When you feed yourself the right food you nourish body and soul alike, and healing can occur from the inside out.


For part of my life, I didn’t feed myself healthy food. I ate sugar, dairy, processed foods, and junk. For another part of my life, I didn’t feed myself at all.


As my health began to deteriorate, I couldn’t recognize myself anymore. The light in my eyes disappeared and I knew something so simple yet difficult had to change: my diet. I was starving my body because I was starving for self-love and self-worth.

I had no choice but to begin healing myself by nourishing my body with the best possible foods.


As I started to take care of myself, I noticed that my true essence started to come out. I got back in touch with Lauren Haas. And with that, The WOW Method was created. I had been searching for and finally found my purpose: to guide people towards optimal health using food as the catalyst.

About Lauren

Lauren is a celebrity nutrition coach and wellness expert who specializes in healthy eating, healthy cooking, and mind-body health. 


Lauren works with private and corporate clients to help themselves or their employees create the right plan for living a healthy lifestyle in a realistic way. Through her step-by-step WOW Method, she incorporates many different dietary theories and nutritional and life-coaching practices to fit personal needs.


Whether she is working one-on-one, giving a corporate health seminar, or teaching a cooking class, Lauren has the unique ability to guide people to reach their optimum health and energy levels, enabling them to lead better lives. 

  • University of Southern California. B.A Psychology with an emphasis on Occupational Therapy.


  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NYC. Holistic Nutrition and Life Coaching.


  • New School of Cooking, Los Angeles, CA.

  • AADP Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.

  • Certified Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach.

  • Certified Nutrition Consultant.

  • Certified Natural Health Professional.

  • Professional Chef Culinary Certification.

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