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Obsession: Lily's Chocolate Chips

I LOVE chocolate. Always have. Always will. The only issue is that the chocolate you buy in the market, even if it is organic and/or vegan, still has a sugar in it.

Just because something is organic or vegan does not mean it is healthy. A vegan cake is still a cake, which is why I have made it my job to come up with truly, healthy, good for you alternatives like these desserts here:

Back to the chocolate: I came across Lily's Dark Chocolate Chips at Whole Foods, which are sweetened with stevia and erythritol. Being a chocolate lover, of course I was skeptical of the tiny morsels. How could these chocolate chips be good? I bought a bag to try them. To my surprise, they were pretty damn delicious!

To put them to the test, I brought them to my next cooking class because my students specifically told me that they "do not want stevia or any sugar substitutes in the recipes”. Being the tricky “Food Fairy” that I am, I decided to see if this picky bunch could tell the difference between the Lily’s Chocolate Chips and regular organic, cane sugar sweetened chocolate chips.

When we got to my Almond Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, I brought out two bowls. One with the Lily’s Chocolate Chips and one with the organic, cane sugar sweetened chips. I passed them around the room for everyone to try. Only 2 or my 12 students guessed which chips were stevia sweetened and which chips with cane sugar sweetened.  

Approximately, 84% of my students FAILED the taste test.

BOOM. Once again, The Food Fairy, wins! 

Now, go buy a bag aready!

They are in the baking section at Whole Foods or at these retail stores.


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