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Low Thyroid, FAV Coconut Milk and My PALEO No Grain-ola Recipe! YUM

For the past 10 years, I’ve been drinking almond milk in my tea every morning. I love my almond milk and recently found out that I now have to quite my habit because over the past year, I have been struggling with low thyroid and almonds are a “NO-NO” food for people with thyroid issues.

Not only that, but after 1 year of trying every herb and vitamin to raise my thyroid levels, my levels would not budge. So, last week, I went on Armour Thyroid, which is a NATURAL, porcine-derived thyroid remedy and I already feel better! I have to take it on an empty stomach and cannot have any calcium products within 4 hours of taking it, which means the calcium in my almond milk is also a NO-NO!

Very upset by this situation, I ran to Whole Foods and found my new obsession. Pacific Organic Vanilla Unsweetened Coconut Milk.

It is just as yummy, creamy and rocks my world as my almond milk. I have been putting it in my Yerbe Matte Latte and I don’t really miss my almond milk that much. It is a great substitute and it is carrageenan, dairy, soy and sugar free!

Try it in your tea, coffee or use it in place of the almond milk in my No-Grainola recipe below!


Prep time: 5 minutes

Serves: 3 (2 tablespoons/serving)


1 tablespoon of the following:

Unsweetened Shredded Coconut

Chia seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

Sunflower seeds

Cacao nibs

Goji berries

Other Ingredients (For 1 serving):

½ - 1 cup UNSWEETENED Vanilla Almond Milk, LIGHT Coconut Milk or PLAIN Coconut Yogurt

1 cup Organic fresh or frozen Berries AND/OR 1 Organic Apple, chopped.

Stevia**/Truvia, to taste.

** If you use liquid stevia, keep in mind that you will only need 3-4 drops because it is 10-15 times sweeter than sugar.


Mix up all the ingredients in a bowl and enjoy 2 tablespoons with almond milk, berries and Truvia. You can also eat it cold or heat it up for a “Hot Breakfast Cereal.”


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