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Green Buddha Powerhouse Salad!

During my 10-Day Cleanse (Click for cleanse info:, I became absolutely obsessed with pumpkin seeds, kale, avocado, dulse seaweed flakes and sauerkraut.

In Haas Holistic fashion, I ran into my kitchen and created this yummy salad that I am now sharing with you.

I threw my new fav healthy ingredients in a bowl, whipped up a tahini dressing and viola, I created pure deliciousness. After I ate it, I felt vibrant and “so fresh and so clean-clean” (Outkast reference, anyone?!?).

Here is why this salad will rock your body, mind and spirit (recipe to follow):

Pumpkin Seeds: ¼ cup serving contains 7 grams of protein (the same amount as an egg) and healthy fats. Eating this fat-protein combo will balance your blood sugar and keep you full and satisfied until that 4 pm "Snack Attack". (My fav Snack Attacks:

These powerful seeds are also loaded with magnesium, which is known to help with brain functioning, bone and tooth formation as well as the relaxation of your blood vessel, and proper bowel functions, which is essential to detox the body. 

Pumpkin seeds are also a great alternative for people who cannot eat nuts as a vegetarian protein and fat source but can still eat seeds.

Avocados: 3 ounces of avocado will provide you will MORE POTASSIUM than a banana and avocados have way LESS sugar and carbohydrates.

Avocados are also full of healthy fats. If you find that your skin, hair and nails are dry and/or brittle, start eating 1/3-1/2 of an avocado a day.  Avocado with help moisturize and nourish your body from the inside out which is more effective than moisturizing from the outside in with lotions or oils.

Dulse Seaweed Flakes: This purple seaweed is packed with omega-3, omega-6 and tons minerals, like iron and potassium.

This iron rich seaweed helps red blood cells and muscle cells carry oxygen throughout your body for proper chemical reactions. The high levels of potassium will help regulate body fluids and muscle contractions. If you are an athlete or exercise a lot (aka you sweat regularly), adding dulse flakes to your salads, soups or just sprinkling it over everything you eat will help replenish your electrolytes.

If you find that your legs cramp, adding dulse flakes to your food could also help alleviate this problem.

Raw Fermented Sauerkraut: Raw Fermented Cabbage aka “Sauerkraut” has a preventative effect for cancer, but it has to be RAW. Raw, naturally fermented sauerkraut contains lactic acid and the living fermented probiotics in this super food are known to help with healing the gut.

Make my recipe below and enjoy all the holistic benefits!

Green Buddha Power Salad

Salad Recipe:

2 Cup                            Mixed Greens like Spinach, Kale, Romaine, Chard etc.

½ Cup                           RAW Sauerkraut

¼-1/3                           Avocado, sliced

1 Small                         Persian Cucumber or 1/3 Cup English Cucumber

¼ Cup                           Pumpkin seeds

                                     Dulse flakes, to taste

Dressing Recipe (Makes 4 servings):

2 Tablespoon               Seasoned rice wine vinegar. (Make sure it is seasoned rice wine)

2 Tablespoons             Sesame oil or olive oil        

2 Tablespoons             Tahini (or almond butter)

2                                   Lemons, Juiced, or to taste (I use 2-3)

1-3 pinches                  Sea salt, or to taste

                                     Water, to thin.


Place greens in a bowl and top with sauerkraut, avocado, cucumber and pumpkin seeds. Sprinkle with dulse flakes. Set aside.

Blend/mix the seasoned rice wine, oil, tahini/almond butter and lemon juice. Feel free to add as much lemon as you want. Add pepper to taste and salt, if needed.

If the dressing is too tart or too thick, add a little water to lighten the flavor and to thin.

Toss salad with 1-2 tablespoons of the dressing and enjoy. Add a little extra dulse flakes if desired.

Place extra dressing in a glass container, in the fridge, for future use. The dressing will stay fresh for 5 days.


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