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Fav Superfood: Bee Panacea

morning for the past month, I have been eating 1-2 teaspoons of my new fav obsession: Bee Panacea, by Virgin Raw Foods.

It keeps me energized and I feel focused all day long. I have even noticed that my digestion is better and when my monthly cycle hits, my hormones feel so much more balanced.  Not to mention that it tastes really, really good…kind of like honey mixed with cinnamon, cayenne pepper and berries. 

Oh and by the way, the other day, I had an upset stomach, ate 1 teaspoon of the Bee Panacea and it went away because the some of the powerful ingredients are great for your belly.

Viola! I am HOOKED.

So what is it?

Bee Panacea is a mixture of royal honey that has been infused with 20 different superfoods and herbs. Here are a few of my favorite ingredients and benefits that are in this magical potion.

Royal Jelly: Revitalizes the skin, boost the immune system, stimulates cognitive functions, reduces inflammation and helps balance blood sugar. Promotes fertility by stimulating and restoring ovarian functions.

Bee Pollen: Natural energizer. Aids in digestions and it is an immune system booster. Anti-inflammatory benefits to the lungs and respiratory system. Known to help treat allergies, sinus problems and asthma.

Ginseng: Energizes and relaxes the nervous system.  Helps fight fatigue, diabetes, depression and stress.

Maca: Great for male and female libido (YAHOO!). Balances and regulates hormones.  Strengthens the reproductive systems.  Increases full body vigor and stamina.  

Spirulina: Strengthens the immune system by actively regenerating cells. Reduces inflammation, helps with digestion and EASES PMS (THANK THE LORD!). Contains 8 essential amino acids and is 65-71% protein.

Ginger: Promotes good digestion and detoxifies the body. Helps with nausea and stomachaches.  Reduces menstrual cramps and symptoms.

Goji Berries: Promotes beautiful and healthy skin. High in antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber and iron.  Low gylcemic fruit and will not spike blood sugar levels. Reduces inflammation and arthritis.

Schizandra Berries: Strengthens male and female libido. Supports concentration, memory, and alertness.  Promotes healthy, clear and beautiful skin.

Where can you find it?

Right here on my new shop page: Shop Haas Holistic Products 

I decide to start a small store where you can buy all the goodies I love, use and recommend to my clients. 

Bee Allergy Pre-Caution: For those who are allergic to bees, this product is not for you. It contains bee by-products that could cause an allergic reaction.


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