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EASY Healthy Holiday Cooking Tips & Tricks

1. Buy an organic or WILD turkey.

2. Buy all, if not most, of your produce from the Farmers Market. Make sure it is CERTIFIED organic. 

3. Use COCONUT OIL in place of BUTTER. You can use equal measurements. 1 cup butter = 1 cup coconut oil.

4. Baste your turkey with coconut oil instead of butter.

5. Use almond butter, tahini or unsweetened plain coconut yogurt in place of mayo or sour cream.

6. For stuffing, swap out the regular bread and try Udi’s Brown Rice Bread instead.

7.  Make a quinoa salad of rice or a pasta salad.

8. Make cranberry sauce with fresh or frozen cranberries, ginger, raw honey and REAL juice from a few oranges.

9.  Make my Cauliflower and Dill Mash instead of Mashed Potatoes. 

10. Instead of using marshmallows on candied yams, try using unsweetened shredded coconut, coconut sugar and pumpkin pie spice.

12. Use unsweetened almond milk or coconut instead of regular milk. For savory dishes, use plain and for sweet dishes, use vanilla flavored.

13. Make a salad or a sauteed green, like chard or kale, for a side dish and top it with goji berries instead of sugary craisins!!

14. When baking, use applesauce or better yet, canned pumpkin, in place of half the fat.

15. Try using almond or a gluten free flour for your desserts instead of wheat or white flour. For a real treat, make my Salted Vegan Tart. It is Paleo, gluten, dairy and soy free and vegan. I promise it is good!

Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! 


Lauren Wild Haas


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