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Water for Weight Loss, Inflammation and Health!

My dear friend, Leah, introduced me to The Kangen Water System a few weeks ago and I think it is pretty awesome so I had to share with all of you.

Here is why:

Did you know that hydrating your body with the best quality water, along with a healthy diet, can reduce overall inflammation as well as illness?

Think about this:

When you get sick, every doctor, whether Western, Eastern, Holistic or Traditional, will tell you to drink fluids to hydrate and flush your body of toxins. Even when you are feeling a little tired, drinking a big glass of water can energize you.

Have you ever noticed that even after a killer workout, all it takes to feel energized again is some water? That is partially because you need to replenish your body with fluids that you have lost during your sweat session. 

Water can even aid in weight loss.

When working with my weight loss clients, I find they tend to drink less water than my other clients. When I get my weight loss clients drinking more water to hydrate their bodies, combined with my healthy eating plan, they magically loose weight. That is because when you do not drink enough water, your muscles hold onto whatever fluid is in the body which causes water retention, bloat and weight.

A few other facts:

Using this water system improves the health of our environment because it eliminates the need to purchase plastic water bottles, which helps us save money!  By skipping out on plastic bottles, you also reduce the amount BPA's in your body, which we know can cause hormonal imbalances which can lead to all sorts of health issues. 

Simply put, drinking pure water is important on so many levels and so easy to do when done right!

For more information on the Kangen Water System, please contact Leah Dugas:


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