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"Dear Lauren".....

I feel so blessed to have recieved this email from a client.  

My Dharma, or sacred duty on earth, is to teach you how to heal and take care of your body, mind and spirit with food. 

When I recieve emails like this one, I know I am on the right path.

Dear Lauren,

I’m a convert of Haas Holistic and holistic nutrition.

You have helped me loose weight, lower my body fat, improve my mood and mental stability, enhanced my concentration, boosted my immunity and my personal favorite, increased my energy levels!  

Prior to working with you, I had trouble establishing healthy habits and had not succeeded with other diet plans. Your process of introducing healthy concepts and adjusting my diet, in slow increments, each week was manageable. I wasn’t overwhelmed and best of all, you didn’t put me on a diet—I was never hungry and always satisfied.

My diet and habits have drastically changed for the better. You have coached me to pay attention to how I feel after each meal and throughout the day.  I no longer crave unhealthy, processed foods. I am now mindful and aware of my mood, which I learned is highly correlated with the stability of my blood sugar levels and what I eat!

Your private cooking classes, combined with your delicious recipes, have taught me how to create healthy dishes that I actually enjoy. I never knew that healthy food could taste so good and more importantly, that I would crave it. Being with you in the kitchen has changed my perspective on how to feed my body. I no longer rely on take out or restaurants and instead rely on myself.

I am so grateful to have you in my life, and I look forward to our weekly check-ins and receiving your new recipes through your newsletter.

Thank you for changing my health and my life.




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