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Check me out...IN A COOKBOOK!!!!!

One of my dreams is to write my very own cookbooks, which eventually be my reality.

Last year, when yoga superstar, Kathryn Budig, asked if she could use my Spicy Tomato Jam recipe as an inspiration for one of her recipes in her second book, Aim True, my reaction was, "Of course!"

(BTW: Shout out to my mom because I adapted my recipe from her original recipe.) 

For those who do not know Kathryn Budig, she is one of the most well known and influential yoga teachers in the world. 

I met KB about 10 years ago and we slowly became dear friends. We cooked, we walked our dogs and we did yoga together. We became very close and she became a mentor.

I watched her brand boom and I watched her blossom.

Kathryn has inspired me to "Aim True" and I feel blessed to be featured in her second cookbook, Aim True, which you can check out here.

Check out my page in her book and make sure to buy the book asap: Aim True

You can find my original recipe here.


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