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"I am a Real Women and So is Every Women".

My dear friend and mentor, Kathryn Budig, recently gave an amazing talk on learning to love her body and how it feels to be “Body Shamed” on the Internet. 

For those who do not know Kathryn, she is a force to reckon with. She is the gorgeous yogi that has been on the cover of every yoga magazine, writes for Huffington Post, Yahoo and Yoga Journal, just to name a few.

She is a fierce, loving and “strong like an ox” woman that I am so lucky to call my friend.

Check out this video on her experience with people calling this beautiful, 5’1, size 4 women, “plus-size”. Yes….Someone called her PLUS SIZE:

Click here for the video: I am a Real Women and So is Every Women.

Thank you, Kathryn, for teaching us “that healthy doesn’t look a certain way”, that we need to LOVE OURSELVES (belly and all) and to always remember to have FUN!

Love you, girl!


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