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About Lauren
& Her Philosophy

Lauren is a celebrity nutritionist and wellness expert who specializes in healthy eating, healthy cooking, and mind-body health. 


Lauren works with private and corporate clients to help themselves or their employees create the right plan for living a healthy lifestyle in a realistic way. Through her step-by-step WOW Method, she incorporates many different dietary theories and nutritional and life-coaching practices to fit personal needs.

The WOW Method stems from the idea that your body houses your soul. When you feed yourself the right food you nourish body and soul alike, and healing can occur from the inside out.


Services & Pricing

The Wild Organic Wellness Plan

Lauren’s WOW Plan features dozens of great-tasting, easy-to-make recipes with exciting new ones being added every month. Anyone from individuals at home to corporate executives, businesses and organizations to people seeking creative expertise for a special event can find a way to experience Lauren Haas and her WOW Plan for themselves.




Corporate Wellness Programs

Lauren’s Corporate Wellness programs are more than just an affordable benefit companies and organizations of any size can provide to their employees and executives alike. They also represent a direct investment in your company’s bottom line and its long-term success.




Catering & Events

There’s no reason why a special event shouldn’t feature food that’s not only delicious but also promotes good health. Let Lauren bring Wild Organic Wellness to your event, dazzling your guests with amazing food that leaves them feeling happy, satisfied, and healthy.



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